Town and Castle ward

Like many areas of Dover, the people of Town and Castle are facing the cost of living crisis and so need Labour councillors and a Labour District council more than ever. More support, access to health care and decent, affordable transport in and around Dover are what’s needed. Vote Labour for a better, fairer District.

Edward Biggs

Current Labour councillor

Ed has lived in Dover for over 25 years, his three now grown up children attended schools in Dover and he has enjoyed engaging in sports and the wider leisure activities of the district. He was fortunate to be elected for the first time as a Town & Castle councillor in 2019 and has been actively involved in the many challenges that our historical coastal town has faced during the last few years, whether that be the continual transport issues affecting the port and town or the disgraceful treatment of P&O employees which has brought so much anguish and disruption to our local community.

Ed will be continuing to campaign for a better deal for Dover which is such a vital destination for trade
and leisure for the UK, but so often overlooked and ignored by central government.

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Susan Hill

Retired – currently volunteers at a local social hub

Susan has lived in Dover for over 60 years.
She served as a District Councillor for a period of two years from 2015-17, when she then moved to another county for family reasons. Susan is keen to serve and make a difference in the Town and Castle Ward.
Susan’s interests are reading, cycling and babysitting her many grandchildren.