St Radigunds ward

Like many areas of Dover, the people of St Radigunds are facing the cost of living crisis and so need Labour councillors and a Labour District council more than ever. More support, access to health care and decent, affordable transport in and around Dover are what’s needed. Vote Labour for a better, fairer District.

Gordon Cowan

Current Labour town councillor

Gordon is a former soldier and married to Jeannette with two sons and 6 grandchildren. 

Gordon has served at all levels of local government (currently the Mayor of Dover) so has an enormous amount of experience. He has lived in and around Dover Town for over 48 years.

Gordon will work very closely with the local community to the fullest and continue to serve the town of Dover making it a much better place to work, live and enjoy life.

Lynne Wright

Recently retired GP

Lynne worked as a GP in Dover and villages for more than 30 years. She will support Dover people in new ways to further enhance and enrich the town.