Manifesto 2023

This is our promise to you, when you vote Labour on 4th May 2023.

There are 5 key areas that we will focus on over the next 4 years that will build a better, fairer district.

Safe and Affordable housing

Labour will:

Build 200 environmentally sound council homes per year over eight years – rented to those on the waiting list.

Improve the quality of current housing stock maintained by DDC

Keeping the District moving

Labour will:

Support and improve Port of Dover – the people of Dover district shouldn’t be negatively impacted by Conservative chaos.

Campaign to reinstate and increase bus routes across the District – these have been cut by the Tories at KCC.

Healthier communities

Labour will:

Improve air quality, especially around the Port of Dover.

Press the Government to increase funding for health and social care in our district and East Kent, including support for disabled people, carers and people with long-term health conditions.

A better quality of life

Labour will:

Form a multi-agency network to support people in need and homeless people.

Reclaim town and village centres from anti-social behaviour.

Bring waste collection services to increase responsiveness and control.

Modern governance

Labour will:

Be honest and transparent with the public.

Consult local people properly before decisions are made.

Tell you how your money is being spent by Dover District Council.

Challenge KCC and other authorities on decisions made affecting the district, and hold them to account.