Buckland ward

Like many areas of Dover, the people of Buckland are facing the cost of living crisis and so need Labour councillors and a Labour District council more than ever. More support, access to health care and decent, affordable transport in and around Dover are what’s needed. Vote Labour for a better, fairer District.

Kevin Mills

Leader of Labour group at DDC

As one of the District Councillors for Buckland Kevin is angered by the constant struggle to improve the ward and district. We see ever increasing levels of rubbish, lack of opportunities, particularly for the young, and a lack of affordable housing. Many of you contact Kevin re the cost of living and the difficult choice of heating or eating. Its time for a change and a change for the better.

Email me: cllr-kevin.mills@dover.gov.uk

Charlotte Zosseder

Current Labour councillor

Charlotte has been a Councillor in Buckland for 4 years and Chair of Scrutiny Committee for three. She has supported residents with Housing, waste, repairs and neighbour disputes, and supported local campaigns such as the Admiralty Pier Angling Campaign.

Email me: cllr-charlotte.zosseder@dover.gov.uk