Aylesham, Eythorne and Shepherdswell ward

In recent times, Aylesham, Eythorne and Shepherdswell has seen a large amount of development, and Labour councillors in your ward will ensure that any development brings benefits to local communities. Local candidates have worked extensively to promote and oppose both Dover District Council and Canterbury City Council’s local plan.

The recent cuts to bus services have been an area that your candidates have worked hard to fight against and have made representations to local councils. Transport and connectivity are vitally important to rural communities.

Jamie Pout

Chair of Aylesham Parish Council and Teacher in Dover

Jamie is chair of Aylesham Parish Council and a teacher in Dover so has a good grasp of local issues. He ran a petition to save buses in the villages which received over 1500 signatures and has worked hard with local groups to fight the recent local plans. Jamie spoke up for the villages at Canterbury City Council’s cabinet meeting, ensuring that councillors there understood the feeling of local people.

Facebook: Jamie Pout – Labour Campaigner

Shehrazade Maria Mamjan

Works in charity sector and is a multi-lingual interpreter

Maria has lived in Elvington for over 6 years and would like to address the social issues here, including the discarded trash in our beautiful woods surrounding our village, the fly-tipping you find along our country lanes and the lack of youth clubs in our area. 

Charles Woodgate

Current Labour councillor

Charles promises to stand up for the local community, represent your interests and is sure that together we can build a better Britain!

Email me: cllr-charles.woodgate@dover.gov.uk