Fracking motion by DDC Cllr Helen Williams

A motion was put forward by Cllr Helen Williams, Labour councillor “DDC completely opposes fracking in any land within our council area and will oppose any planning application for this” at full council on Wednesday 19th October.

Surprisingly, the chair of the Climate Change Group, Cllr Chris Vinson, spoke against the motion and along with 11 other conservative councillors, voted against it. There were 4 abstentions and all the 9 labour councillors and one independent voted for the motion.

There was a group of climate activist demonstrating outside the chambers where the meeting was held, and a question about fracking was asked earlier in the Council meeting. One wonders that the Conservative councillors do not identify with the large number of residents who are extremely concerned about the possibility of fracking in Dover , and that it would be a sensiblemove to publicly oppose it, like a number of other councils have done.

Use this link to access agenda a reports pack for the meeting, Wednesday 19th October

Dover District Council Full Council Wednesday 19th October