Improvements to flats in Mill Hill

I have been working on getting improvements to the dustbin areas around a block of flats in Mill Hill, my ward. The flats are called St Martins road flats. When EKH was passed over to DDC, this was a mess of insufficient bins causing overflow, bluebottle flies and maggots in the summer and generally pretty disgusting and depressing for the tenants. Also, there was no signage giving the flat numbers in the 3 blocks, and no sign boards up in the communal areas giving information to the tenants. Now, there are new bin areas, away from the walls of the flats, just recently finished, new recycling bins which they didn’t have before and easy access for the bin men. 

It has taken a lot of work to get this the waste sorted out. 18 months of time, and co-ordination between the helpful DDC estate officer and the waste department who had to be persuaded and getting the waste officer to meet with the tenants. Then physically getting approval for the concrete bases for the bin areas, getting it done, fencing put up and new bins ordered. During COVID as well!

Cllr Helen Williams