Improvements to flats in Mill Hill

I have been working on getting improvements to the dustbin areas around a block of flats in Mill Hill, my ward. The flats are called St Martins road flats. When EKH was passed over to DDC, this was a mess of insufficient bins causing overflow, bluebottle flies and maggots in the summer and generally pretty disgusting and depressing for the tenants. Also, there was no signage giving the flat numbers in the 3 blocks, and no sign boards up in the communal areas giving information to the tenants. Now, there are new bin areas, away from the walls of the flats, just recently finished, new recycling bins which they didn’t have before and easy access for the bin men. 

It has taken a lot of work to get this the waste sorted out. 18 months of time, and co-ordination between the helpful DDC estate officer and the waste department who had to be persuaded and getting the waste officer to meet with the tenants. Then physically getting approval for the concrete bases for the bin areas, getting it done, fencing put up and new bins ordered. During COVID as well!

Cllr Helen Williams

A win for Mill Hill

Cllr Helen Williams is the Labour councillor for Mill Hill, Deal.  She has been pushing DDC to get something done about the sad depleted play park and green area in Cowdray Square, since she was elected in May 2019.

Cllr Williams persuaded the community development team at DDC to take this on as a project. They organised an online survey for local residents, and held a community open day at the playpark., the aim being to find out what local people wanted to see here.

The results of this survey can be seen in the poster below – locals wanted a new playpark, a dog exercising area, trees, benches, a community garden.

Some COVID funding became suddenly available from KCC in December, specifically for parks and play areas. Some of this DDC proposed for Connaught Park, Dover for upgrading the tennis courts, and a big lump was proposed for Cowdray square project as it was backed by the survey demonstrating demand for this. DDC were allocated money on the condition that it was spent by 31 March 2022. Hurriedly writing off to playground suppliers for designs and equipment that could be installed within the time limit, officers and both ward councillors chose a supplier and a design… and with permission to install in mid-April, the contract has been signed. So, watch this space in spring and summer. Wonderful news for Mill Hill, and about time we had some good local news.

Dover District Labour Group Bring White Ribbon to Council

On Wednesday at full council we, the Labour group, put forward a motion for Dover District Council to adopt the White Ribbon Promise. It is a society set up by men to help end male violence against women. Cllr Kevin Mills proposed it and I seconded. I spoke about my own experiences of casual sexism, specifically from other Councillors (not Labour I hasten to add) and about the loss of my Sister-in-law who might be here now if someone had intervened.

The council adopted it unanimously.

The pledge is this: We ask all men to wear a White Ribbon, and make the Promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. This is a serious declaration and requires thought and consideration before it is made.

I look forward to announcing the council’s full acreditation!

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